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If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle, you should decide what to do with your current one. While you can sell it privately, a great option would be selling it to Car Mate Warehouse as a trade-in. The best part is that our online tool will provide you an instant online trade-in vehicle valuation.

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Vehicle Details

Please enter your vehicle's odometer, state and registration details.

Sell Your Car

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A simplified car selling and buying experience

Car Mate Warehouse has simplified the car selling process by providing an online valuation tool. You can use this tool to instantly know your car's current value and how you can quickly sell it. All you have to do is: Fill out a short online form where you will provide a few details about your vehicle to get an instant valuation. One of our team members will reach out to you to inspect the vehicle and provide the final price based on the condition of your car.

Step 1 - Your Vehicle Details

Our short online form asks for 3 simple pieces of information; Vehicle Registration, Odomoter Reading and the state your vehicle is registered in

Step 2 - How to contact you

After we've found your vehicle in the national database we'll ask you for your contact details so that one of our team can reach out to discuss your instant offer.

Step 3 - Receive Valuation

Your online valuation will be shown on screen and also emailed to you for your records. At this point, if you'd like to take things further we encourage you to get in touch with the team.

How we do the trade-in appraisal

Our online instant trade-in valuation tool uses multiple factors including the RedBook value for your car to determine the current market value of your vehicle.

For instance, we will check your vehicle's mechanical upkeep and mileage. The tool will also use your vehicle's features, such as the type of transmission, navigation systems, and entertainment to determine the offer price.

The trade-in price for your car will vary depending on it's condition. We therefore offer 3 guide prices and the summary below will help you assess which one best describes your vehicle.

When our team meet with you, they will discuss these prices with you and check the interior and exterior condition of your vehicle so that we can make a more accurate and fair offer.

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